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Manicure & Pedicure Salon in Sri Lanka

manicure & pedicure salon in sri lanka

Our treatments keep your nails tidy and improve their appearance. The treatments are done by high quality UK products, which give best result in promoting the strength and growth of the nails.


This treatment includes;
• Cutting and filling of your nails
• Rejuvenating foot scrub
• Foot mask
• Massage
• Foot rub

Duration: - 1 hr 10 min


Hands are soaked and cleansed followed by an application of crystal and mint scrub which removes all traces of dead, rough skin.
A deep dermal transforming mask is applied and allowed to penetrate into the skin for extreme hydration and softening. Scruffy cuticles are tidied and the hands, lower arms are massaged with luxury massage cream or Aromatherapy Massage oil. Nails are filled and painted with the colour of your choice.

Duration: - 1 hr 10 min