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in most of the Asian countries, bridal dressing is an art and a lucrative business for which there may be many competitors. This is mainly because of the simple fact that a great amount of focus and effort is expected to be put in to a bride on that special day which she is going to cherish for a lifetime.

Dr. Padmini Ramanayaka is a beautician who entered the field of beauty culture with no greater aspiration than to display her artistic talents which she has gained in many countries such as England, Thailand, Hong Kong, India and many more.

She initially commenced her long and successful journey by incorporating a fusion of many revered talents and ideas which she had some 27 years ago, as at that time bridal dressing was not an art or a lucrative carrier especially not one where someone would see it as field of great opportunity to bring ones ideas and talents into. She made her mark in the field of beauty culture initially as a bridal dresser, as she has an eye for that special touch which will make all the difference to a bride on her wedding day. This is a unique talent which she possesses as she is not confined to the conventional thinking or boundaries.

Dr. Padmini Ramanayaka revered throughout Sri Lanka as a beautician who is capable of bringing out that conventional and also the modern beauty in a bride while complying with the requests of the bride, since after all it is the bride's wedding and she is of the view that freedom has to be granted for the bride to be dressed according to her liking while bringing out that beauty in her.

There is no doubt that best of jewellery, best of make-ups and bouquets will contribute to the enhancement of a bride's beauty and radiance but the fine amalgamation of all things demand expert knowledge and experience which Dr. Padmini Ramanyaka possesses in abundance.

It can be said without hesitation that Dr. Padmini Ramanayaka is one of the most sought after bridal dressers in Sri Lanka, who has also travelled countries such as UK and Australia to do her magic in bridal dressing, who can be entrusted with the arduous task of making the bride the center of all attention on her wedding day.

Please note that Dr. Padmini Ramanayaka and Chameeliya Ramanayaka can only be consulted through appointments made in advance.