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Body Spa, Spa Treatment Sri Lanka

waxing for ladies salon in sri lanka

The following body treatments offered at our salon are as effective and result oriented as any of high scale body treatments offered in European spas, with the use of high end spa products we are able to deliver several treatments that will surely improve your skin tone and relax your muscles.



Body scrubbing aids circulation and is known to be an excellent exfoliant-removing any dead skin cells. This leaves your skin super soft and fully revitalized.

Duration: - 45 min


This is used for the purpose of maintaining physical health as well as inducing relaxation. It helps to alleviate the buildup of stress and tension in the muscles from everyday use. This massage is done by using high quality aromatherapy massage oils from UK and also whitening and brightening oils.

Duration: - 2 hrs


The benefits are;

-Restores and maintains health by relieving the body of toxins
-Improves blood supply
-Relieves stress and tension
-Relax, balance and harmonize the body

Duration: - 1 hr